Arlington County Traffic Court Is Like a Band-Aid

Don’t judge me; everyone will get a speeding ticket at least once in their lifetime. I happened to get one the week of Thanksgiving, but had my court date this morning! (I’m a very careful driver with clients in the car – ask my clients!)

I have to say, Arlington County Courthouse is one of the most efficient places i’ve seen. From parking, to paid fine, to leaving – I was done in 27 minutes. Here’s what happens:

You’ll go into the Courthouse through a metal detector – no cameras, cell phones, video cameras, etc. are permitted into the building. Leave them in the car or at home!

You’ll proceed up to your court room on the 3rd floor, and wait to be called up. There were several officers there going through their individual cases. Each officer goes their files in alphabetical order…builds the anticipation for your big courtroom debut. Once you’re called up, you enter your plea and then the rip of the band-aid – they tell you your fine! Don’t forget, whatever dollar amount the judge gives you will also have an additional admin fee.

By the time you go from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor to the Traffic Division cashiers office, they’ll have already told them your fine. Just wait in line to hand over your credit card and you’re done. If you don’t have the money to pay your fine, you automatically get 15 days to pay your fine.

That’s it! I was in and out in 27 minutes this morning. The officer that gave me a ticket was the 3rd, and with a last name like “Rubinchuk” you know I had to wait! I hope YOU never have to know what this is like, but hope this helps if you do!