Ways to Protect Your House This Winter

Ways to Protect Your House This Winter

Where did 2010 go? It’s already November 1st and temps are in the 50’s! So before the temperatures get too low, here’s some tips for protecting your house this winter:

1. Pipes will freeze, so wrap up and put away your garden hose now.

2. Check your gutters for debris and leaves. Clogs in the gutters will prevent proper draining from rain and snow, which can lead to expensive repairs in your roof and walls.

3. If you have gas anything, install a carbon monoxide detector. Place one outside every sleeping area in the house to alert you of any harmful levels detected.

4. Check the batters in your smoke detectors.

5. Get your chimney cleaned. Make sure the¬†flue is intact, unclogged and free of flammable creosote so you’re not worrying about damage during the Holidays when you have a fire lit.

6. Have your furnace cleaned and serviced. This should be done annually, but faulty heating equipment is the leading cause of home fires during December to February, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

7. Go buy a shovel, now! If you were around for last years DC Snowpocalypse, you know you couldn’t get out of your driveway without a shovel, let alone get to a store to buy one. Most of our stores were sold out by the time winter came around, so be prepared (especially you new home owners), go buy one now!

8. If you’re going out town for the holidays, or an extended period of time, turn the water off in your home. I don’t mean call Arlington Water, I mean you should know where the main shut off to the water supply in your home. By turning it off, you’ll removed the threat of frozen pipes while you’re gone.

9. Turn your thermostat down, but not off. Don’t let your home get too cold while you’re one, or it can cause damage to pipes and the house. Just leave it low enough so it doesn’t freeze!

10. Cut any trees or shrubbery near the house. When the snow starts to fall, the tree branches will get very heavy and some may snap, causing damage to your home. Anything that looks like it’s close enough to touch the house – you should trim.

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