Things To Know If A Realtor Is Buying Your Home

This is not a post about those gimmicky schemes where agents promise to buy your house if they can’t sell it within a certain time frame. Realtors(R) need homes too, so this post is about a regular sale where the buyer just happens to be a licensed real estate agent.¬†Things To Know If A Realtor Is Buying Your Home:

1. You will still have to pay commission. Unless the agent waives the commission (which is unlikely), you’ll still be on the hook for the full commission discussed with your listing agent.

2. If it’s a highly active agent, someone who actually sells a lot of homes during the year and not just 1 a decade, chances are they know what they’re doing and won’t waste your time with little petty things. We see so many of the same issues come up time and time on home inspections, we become numb to them and probably dismiss them as unimportant for ourselves (or we know how to get them fixed properly and quickly).

3. Their lender is probably solid.

4. They should know how to write a competitive offer. In today’s multiple-offer world, many people are having to waive appraisals, financing, etc to get the winning contract. A good agent should know how to write a competitive offer.

5. Remember that they’re human too. Like I said above, agents need homes too for our families. Active agents see hundreds of homes every week…if they wrote an offer on your home, it’s a great compliment to you. It probably means they’ve fallen in love with your home just like you did when you bought it. So although they may be wearing a name tag and carry a Sentrilock card for access, they’re looking for somewhere to call home.