Online Realtor Dating: What To Expect From Your First Date

Interests: buying or selling real estate, Northern Virginia and/or DC
Appearance: looks nice (gosh, I hope that picture isn’t from 10 years ago)
Looking for: People who want to learn and/or find help through a real estate transaction
Preferred Method of Communication: fast track – email/text/call

This might be a match made in heaven!!!! When can we schedule our first date?

Ok, gut check. Before you jump into the car with a realtor you met online, you should take it slow. Wouldn’t want to give the wrong first impression…gosh, I digress.

I encourage people who contact me online to meet me for a cup of coffee or at my office to talk about their goals. I like to do a buyer counseling session to assess your needs/wants and educate you on the process, so that you’re always aware of the next steps in the process. If you’re thinking of selling, I like to meet in person at your property to have a look  at the condition, any staging tips I can pass along, or repairs. Only after I have seen the property can we talk about price.

But what if you’re not calling me for a first date? (I understand, we all make mistakes, but maybe you don’t like brunettes?)

Anyway…what should you expect from a first meeting with someone you met online? Here are some of my tips:

1. Do they actually sound like their writing? Do they appear to know what they wrote about…there’s probably something you saw that gave you a reason to call that particular real estate agent. If they don’t remember that post, they probably didn’t write it themselves.

2. Do they live in the area they blog about? This can be hard for people who write generically about a market, but if someone is blogging about Arlington County, you’re going to want to ask them if they actually LIVE in Arlington County.

3. Ask specific questions about real estate. There are plenty of resources online that will generate a slew of questions. Ask them! The agent is supposed to be the expert – can they answer questions in a way that you understand or feel comfortable? They should be able to communicate with you in a way that makes you less nervous and anxious.

Get a general sense for the person’s style. You can generally tell if you’ll get along in the first half hour to hour of a meeting. If there’s some chemistry, give it a shot.

5 thoughts on “Online Realtor Dating: What To Expect From Your First Date

  1. Laura,

    I think you hit this spot on, plus you get to build rapport with someone and get to know needs and wants before jumping in a passenger seat with a stranger……. 🙂

  2. Very Good points! I always tell new agents that interviews are a two way street. Nothing can burn you out faster then working for or with someone that’s a bad fit.

    Awesome post as always!


  3. A first date is only to determine if you even want to consider a second date – not to fix a wedding date – goes for real estate too. This is an emotional decision and frought with anxiety if you are new to the game. Get a good partner – goes for life too 😉

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