Tricks For Selling Your Home!

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) does an annual survey of buyers and sellers. Their most recent profile, the 2009 Profile of Buyers and Sellers, says the 90% of buyers used the Internet in their home search. Of that 90%, 84% said that photos were the MOST useful/valued feature of a website.

84% looked at the photos and decided whether to go see that property

84%!!!!!!! Think of all those properties on the market right now that don’t have any photos…you’re missing a HUGE portion of the buyer pool out there from sheer laziness.  Here’s what I find the most common reaction to a property listed for sale that does not include photos:

1. What’s wrong with it?
2. What are they hiding?
3. We didn’t even look at the listing because there were no photos

Your house isn’t even in the running if there are no photos! People will immediately click on the next property because there was nothing that grabbed their attention.

Our local Multiple Listing Service (this is the National database with properties listed for sale, otherwise known as the MLS) is called MRIS. As Realtors(R) we can upload up to 30 pictures per house, plus a virtual tour. That means interior, exterior, neighborhood, amenities, floorplans, etc. Anything that will help SELL your house!

Seems like common sense, huh? You’d be surprised at how many properties don’t have photos. Something so simple, yet so huge! That’s my trick for the day

One thought on “Tricks For Selling Your Home!

  1. Lucky! Our MLS just updated from being able to post 8 pictures to 16, and we thought we had it good 🙂 30 is fantastic! I would use up every one of those 30 pictures to sell my listing!

    I agree, when there is no photo, or no interior photo buyers are not interested, and I assume there is a problem.

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