New Construction in Arlington: Tip #2

New Construction in Arlington: Tip #2

Most of the new homes in Arlington have dual zones for heating and cooling. Usually 1 in the basement to service the main level and the basement, and the 2nd in the attic to service the upper level and the attic. Both will have an outside Air Conditioner Condenser located somewhere along the house, both will be next to each other. The county has some regulations on where they need to be, but from a practical standpoint, here is new construction tip #2:

Place outside a/c units anywhere but close to the “bedroom” window in your basement.

A common addition to a basement is a guest area, whether is a legal bedroom or not, if it’s used for sleeping in – keep the condensers away! During the summer when they’re both running, they can be very loud. If there’s a window, it’ll be that much louder. Ask your builder to put them somewhere like the side of the garage where the noise won’t bother you or guests.

Stay tuned for more tips coming soon!


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