2010 Arlington County Development Highlights

Just released, this report summarizes 2010 residential and commercial development activity in Arlington County. It’s a great way to see what projects have been approved but not yet under construction, projected excepted to be completed in 2011, and and projects expected to get started this year. Also of interest, demolishes that occurred last year by address and what replaced them (if any). Here are some highlights:

Mulitfamily Projects
Approved in 2010: 0
Began Construction in 2010: 477
Completed Construction in 2010: 1,438
Demolished in 2010: 143

Single Family Homes
Approved in 2010: 0
Began Construction: 97
Completed Construction in 2010: 95
Demolished in 2010: 87

Projects Completed in 2010
Shirlington Crest
3131 Clarendon
Buckingham Commons Phase II

To continue reading the full report, visit the PDF version here.