Arlington County Zoning Regulations and Lot Sizes

Arlington County is not known for having huge lots around town for homes. Most townhomes have a small fenced in yard in the back, if anything. Detached homes (usually known as single family homes) are usually built in the middle of a lot, with a small portion of land in front and in back, and if you’re lucky you won’t have a ton of trees eating into the grassy area. So I wanted to take a look at what the size of the lots actually are and give you some insight into zoning regulations for Arlington.

Arlington Zoning Codes:

R-5 = 5,000 or 7,000 sq ft lots
R-6 = 6,000 sq ft lots
R-8 = 8,000 sq ft lots
R-10 = 10,000 sq ft lots
R-20 = 20,000 sq ft lots
R-10T = Townhouse Subdivision usually equally divided among units (51,000 sq ft lots)

The most common size for single family homes are zoned as R-6, on 6,000 square foot lots.

An acre is 43,560 square feet, so how does this translate for lot sizes?

R-5 = .11 acres (5k lot)
R-5 = .16 acres (7k lot)
R-6 = .13 acres (6k lot)
R-8 = .18 acres (8k lot)
R-10 = .24 acres (10k lot)
R-20 = .46 acres (20k lot)

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