What To Do If You Spring A Leak

I’ve learned a lot as a homeowner that I wouldn’t necessarily learn as  just a Realtor. After a weekend away visiting family, we came home to a wet mark on our ceiling and water slowly dripping from it. Oh……sugar. What To Do If You Spring A Leak?

The first thing you should do is poke a hole in the drywall/plaster/whatever so the water has a place to drain and not pool and cause other issues. Put a bucket or something under it to collect the water. Then call a plumber! I’ve had a great experience using FH Furr (even at 10pm!).

Apparently, whatever is put into the water by the county to make the waster drinkable will eventually eat away at the copper plumbing in the older houses. So inevitably, you’ll spring a leak somewhere. We had a tiny pinhole in one of the pipes that slowly leaked while we were gone. The plumber replaced about a foot of the copper plumbing after cutting the drywall for access and *POOF* all was fixed. No mold, no more leak, no wet carpet, done! The next step is to get the ceiling patched. I highly recommend Lillard Painting for that if you need them.

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