What Properties Can You Show Us? Can You Show Us Properties From Another Company?

In short, yes! Any Realtor, can show you ANY property listed by ANY other Realtor (or their own listings for that matter). It doesn’t matter what company represents the seller, every Realtor has access to every property on the market. We all have individual smart cards (through a company called Sentrilock) that allows us access via an individual pin number.

Now, as far as the properties you see online, whether it’s on websites like Redfin, FranklyMLS, HomesDatabase, Realtor.com, etc. Those are all aggregate sites that put all of the properties currently listed in our main Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is the system Realtors have access to, in another searchable website for you. It doesn’t mean that particular company represents the seller, it’s just another resource for you to search homes for sale on your own.

Still have questions? Ask away!