Washington DC Metro Area Makes Headlines – How This Impacts Your Real Estate Market

Men’s Health Magazine did a profile in the March edition of the most Socially Networked Cities across the USA…DC Ranked #1. The rankings were calculated as a measure of per capita engagement on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc. DC got an overall ranking of an A+

What Does That Mean For Your Real Estate Market?
It means you better pick a Realtor(R) who is familiar and comfortable with technology, and actually implementing it in their daily business. Long gone are the days of print advertising. Research shows 94% of buyers in the Northern Virginia/DC area start their home search online…so you better make sure your house is EVERYWHERE.


Oxygen Magazine, a Women’s Fitness Magazine, had a blurb on the Fittest City in the US – Washington,D.C. topped the charts in this category too. Why? Because we have a fewer percentage of smokers and people with diabetes; also, more than 50% have health insurance (thank you Government employees and contractors).

What Does This Mean For Your Real Estate Market?
Advertise proximity to farmers markets, metro, public transport, walking distance to shopping, etc.  Every time I have out of town guests, they all say “wow, there are a lot of fit runners around here,” because you always see people running up and down the street. Use that to your advantage when marketing your property.