The Arlington Spring Real Estate Market Is Up and Running

Every year there’s a palpable shift in the energy surrounding the real estate market. More emails start coming through, my calls from one agent to another, but the most telling sign is when you start seeing houses pop up for sale and then quickly go under contract.

Well, it’s that time again. For me, I felt the shift about a week and a half ago when all of a sudden, I realized “oh, that’s new…”, “oh, that’s under contract already…” and so it begins.

We generally start to see an influx in inventory around the March/April timeframe, so here’s how the market looks right now:

Things you should know heading into March/April:

  • More properties will hit the market for sale
  • They will sell quickly if priced correctly
  • Generally, this is when you start to see an increase in pricing, because people may see¬†multiple¬†offers
  • The real estate “busy season” peaks from March-June, then will get quiet again over the summer

If you’re thinking of selling, find out what your home is worth or search properties for sale

One thought on “The Arlington Spring Real Estate Market Is Up and Running

  1. It does seem like we’ve finally entered Real Estate Season. I’ve noticed traffic to the closing costs tool on our website has increased almost 20% since winter. I hope it’s a successful season for you!

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