Some Fall Maintenance Tips

Some Fall Maintenance Tips

Fall and the cold weather has officially arrived so it’s time for some Fall Maintenance tips! Consider doing some easy maintenance to get ready for the winter:

1.  Change the filter in the HVAC unit; consider having it serviced to make sure you won’t be without heat!

2.  Check the hot water heater for leaks.

3.  Change the battery in the smoke detector.

4.  Check for leaks under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

5. Turn off the water to the hose bibs outside so they don’t freeze.

6. Reverse your ceiling fans (remember: cold air falls, hot air rises.)

7. Clean the gutters of any leaves and branches (especially after the weather this week!) so water and melting snow(!) can drain properly.

8. Buy a shovel, now! They’ll be sold out when you need one.

9. Have your chimney cleaned. For roughly $300 you’ll have peace of mind that a warm fire on a cold night won’t be dangerous.

10. Don’t forget we “fall back” on time this weekend!