It’s a Great Week To Look at Houses

If you’re worried about wet basements or the quality of construction, this is a great week to look at houses. Problems will make themselves known – wet basements, leaky roof, loose shingles or siding, Hurricane Sandy will be a great home inspector!

For Example:

If you see lots of dead bugs on the basement floor – chances are there was water in the basement or a crack somewhere from which they’re getting into the house.

If you see a brown spot or bubbling on the ceiling or around windows – there’s water leaking somewhere.

If you see a missing shutter or missing patches or even more obvious, pieces of siding on the ground by the house, you’ll know to keep a watchful eye on the exterior of the home too.

If there are a ton of downed branches in the yard, you may want to consider having a tree service come out and trip back the branches so they’re not close to the house.