SOLD! 6441 Hitt Ave McLean

SOLD! 6441 Hitt Ave McLean

6441 Hitt was a story about selling unique homes in Northern Virginia. Not every transaction is easy or smooth. We had 6441 Hitt Ave listed for close to 8 months. We had 3 offers. We never gave up marketing efforts or follow up.

Original List Price: $1,095,000
Sold price: $975,000
Days on the Market: 160 days

Hitt is a unique home not right for everyone. It has 2 bedrooms upstairs and the 3rd is on the main level. There’s no garage. There is a pool. It backs to Old Dominion. It’s beautiful and special and the new buyers absolutely love it, and in the end, it sold to the right buyer. Once we found the right buyer, the transaction WAS easy and WAS smooth. Just took a while to get there.

When you’re selling a unique property, have patience! The right buyer will come along eventually!


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