Selling During the Holidays

Selling During the Holidays

Selling During the HolidaysIf you’re considering selling during the Holidays, many people wonder about decorations, personal keepsakes and presents. Should we decorate? How do you deal with showings when company is in town?

Here are some tips:

-It’s the holiday season, when people are most emotional. Go ahead and decorate your house (tastefully!), but I would still keep many personal keepsakes (especially if replacing them is not an option) wrapped up just in case of an accident, or family photos to a minimum. You want to keep the focus on the house, not on you as a seller, but giving people the opportunity to see the house decorated isn’t a bad thing!

-If you have a full house, take your house off the market temporarily. Our MLS system has the option of going to a status labeled “temporarily off.” That means you’re not adding days on the market, but it’s also not available for showings. Enjoy your holiday and your family without the worry of showings and disruptions.

-If your property is vacant, consider keeping the thermostat at a comfortable temperature (which isn’t a problem with the weather we’re having this December!) Also, in the event it snows, make sure to keep all walkways and driveways clear of snow and ice for easy access.

-Try to avoid being added to the Tacky Lights list if your house is on the market!