Rules of Social Media and Real Estate

social mediaBuyers and sellers alike should remember one thing when it comes to the rules of social media and real estate: WAIT. Don’t put anything up YET.

Naturally, people are a little Google crazy and curious when it comes to buying and selling a home…who are the sellers? where are they going? what do the buyers do? what’s their story? do they have kids?

If your social media profiles are not private, sellers/buyers can look things up about you, but more importantly, what you SAY about buying or selling. If you’re advertising that you “can’t wait to get out of a place”, or “you’ll take anything” you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot before you even get started. Likewise, if you’re a buyer and start posting pictures of a house you’re writing an offer on and talking about how much you’re in love with it already – a seller knows they have the leverage in the negotiation since you’re already emotionally invested!

Think before you post! Or better yet, wait until you close!!!