Real Estate Agent Jokes Even Make the Two and A Half Men Premiere

I’m not a huge Two and a Half Men fan, until last night I had never even seen a full episode. But, I enjoy Celebrity Gossip as much as the next girl, so I wanted to see what they were going to do to Charlie Sheen’s character.

Imagine my surprise when during his funeral his mother/real estate agent used the opportunity to promote her listing (Charlie’s house). While I admit, I laughed, I also turned to my husband and said “This is ridiculous! I know we have a terrible reputation, but COME ON! Who is really THAT desperate?”

Back in 2009, I did a post called “I want to sell your house. Here’s why you should let me.” If you haven’t read it yet, please do.

There are always bad apples, but that doesn’t mean they all are! I know a lot of really, really good people who are passionate about what they do. Yeah, I can laugh at myself (life is too short not to), and I can laugh at Realtor jokes but remember, there are good people everywhere! You just have to find them!

One thought on “Real Estate Agent Jokes Even Make the Two and A Half Men Premiere

  1. Yup we agents have got really a bad reputation.Not because we are desperate but because we want to gain every opportunity which comes in our favor. Investing in real estate involves a huge amount of risk for the agents and if they fail to attract clients in their favor then it can cause a problem to them.

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