New Construction in Arlington Tip #5: Duct and Vent Cleaning

New Construction in Arlington Tip #5: Duct and Vent Cleaning

Duct and Vent Cleaning – Oh the filthy horror! Writing this makes my hand twitchy, like I need to go grab a rag and a bottle of Clorox! Building a new home (or renovating!!) requires sanding, painting, drilling, nailing, screwing, patching, etc. Dust and debris are airborne and will fly everywhere! Every surface, every crevice, every VENT. And then your hot and cold air will help to circulate that throughout the house and into your lungs. I might be a health nut (kids will do that to you!) but I highly suggest once the construction is DONE, get the ducts and the vents cleaned!  Add it to your contract if you don’t want to pay the $600+  (don’t be fooled by the $99 ads you see).

Once the house is drywalled and they install your HVAC systems(s), that’s potentially 6 months of construction you’re leaving in your vents for you and your family to breath in.

A company on my resource list to try is Dapper Ducts (they offer coupons on the website, don’t miss them!)

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