June 2009 Real Estate Statistics in Arlington, VA – 22201

Our real estate market has gotten so crazy the past few weeks, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the blog and my clients! Our inventory levels are so low, that people are snatching up properties within days of them being listed – many with multiple offers! I’m going to post a sequence of statistics for Arlington, but specifically for 22201 is below:

Single Family Homes in June

12 properties sold

Price Range: $570,000 (fixer upper) to $1,297,000

Average Sales Price: $888,554

Average Days on the Market: 58
(there were 3 above 100 days, of the remaining 9, the average was only 16 days)


There were several units that sold that are not included in the calculations (like a studio, a 3 bedroom unit, etc.)

1 bedroom, 1 bath units (19)

Average Sale Price: $342,911 after an average of 40 days
(Ranges from $264k to $349k)

2 bedroom, 2 bath units 6)

Average Sale Price: $484,170 after an average of 37 days
(Ranges from $423k to $545k)


Much like the condos, there were some anomalies that are not included in these calculations:

Average Sale Price: $742,400 after 40 days
(Ranges $565k to $862k)

Here’s my usual disclaimer:

these stats are BROAD and shouldn’t be used to value your personal properties or any you’re interested in pursuing. Many things go into determining value for a specific property, so please let me know if you’re interested in a detail comparative market analysis. These stats are for general information purposes only!