Arlington, Virginia Real Estate Market Update – June 2009

June statistics are in! I’ve broken down the different types of properties in Arlington by North (Zip codes: 22201, 22203, 22205, 22207, 22209, 2213) and South (22202, 22204, 22206). These stats are for June 2009, and attempt to capture the market as a whole, simply based on location and type. Information given is average sale price (net, after any subsidy) and average days on the market for the property.

Single Family Homes

North Arlington: $780,771 and 68 Days

South Arlington: $477,085 and 65 Days


North Arlington: $606,869 and 45 Days

South Arlington: $367,958 and 66 Days


1 bedroom, 1 bath

North Arlington: $327,584 after 31 days

Sout Arlington: $213,590 after 75 days

2 bedroom, 2 bath

North Arlington: $451,402 after 55 days

South Arlington: $341,301 after 42 days

Like my usual disclaimer, these stats are BROAD and shouldn’t be used to value your personal properties or any you’re interested in pursuing. Many things go into determining value for a specific property, so please let me know if you’re interested in a detail comparative market analysis. These stats are for general information purposes only!

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