Expecting a Baby – Easier to Move Before or After Having A Baby?

Expecting a Baby – Easier to Move Before or After Having A Baby?

Inspired by my nephew who should be born at some point today or tomorrow (yay!!), I want to throw out some things to consider when you’re evaluating your housing choices while you’re planning your future or if you’re expecting, especially the tough question: is it easier to move before or after having a baby?

There’s some differing opinions on whether it’s easier to move while you’re pregnant or after the baby is born. I’ve seen clients do both, and neither is stress free! But there are some points that might impact your decision one way or the other, so consider the following:

If you have a place to sell, and you have baby stuff EVERYWHERE, people may think your motivation to sell equals desperation in accepting a low offer. Not all, but some may try to take advantage of that.

Now the actual act of moving – packing, carrying, putting away, etc. requires some “heavy labor” if you will (pun intended), but a lot of that you shouldn’t/might not be able to do while you’re pregnant, which means either leaving things in boxes until you’re physically able (meaning you also have a newborn to take care of) or you’re going to be heavily reliant upon friends and family.

If you’re looking at properties that requires some renovations or work, you’ll also want to consider the fumes, timing, construction noise, etc int your plans. Is there enough time to get it done before the baby arrives? If the house was built before 1978, you’ll have lead paint to consider – will that work be completed or contained before the baby is crawling and can into it? Are the fumes bad to inhale while pregnant? Worse for a baby?

Now, the real emotional consideration is the nursery. Nowadays, they make so many things for babies, they require their own space! So do you want the nursery all set up before the baby comes and don’t want to have to redo it? Or can you deal with moving afterwards and redoing the nursery?

I haven’t had to move with a baby, so I am sure I’ve missed some points to consider…feel free to chime in if I missed anything!