Did You Know You Don’t Need A Mortgage in Virginia?

In Virginia we don’t actually use what’s commonly called a “Mortgage,” we use a Deed of Trust. What’s the difference? To you – not much. But they are different legal documents.

What is a mortgage?

A loan secured by real estate, held through a mortgage note which details the responsible parties (lender and borrower), property address, duration and terms.

What is a Deed of Trust?

A Deed of Trust is the legal document filed with Arlington County (and state) to record your loan. There are several parts to a Deed of Trust:

  • The Parties – borrower, lender, beneficiary
  • Identifying Information – loan amount, legal description, names of the parties, legal procedures (the lenders right to foreclose and how they do it), loan terms (rate, APR, length, loan amount, maturity date)

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