What Happens After We Decide to Sell?

So you’ve decided to sell and picked a Realtor(R), signed a listing agreement with instructions for when and at which price you’ll be selling your home <start shameless plug> in case you want to pick me – email me at LauraSchwartz@kw.com or call me 703.283.6120 <end shameless plug>

But what happens after that? Here’s a short list of what happens from the sellers point of view:

-Give your Realtor(R) a key. You’ll need to give us access so we can prepare your home for the market.

-Your agent should come take pictures and drop off some brochures for prospective buyers to take with them so they can remember your property when reviewing their day.

-Keep it clean! You’ll be contacted either by buyer’s agents or yours (depending on the agreement you reach) about people coming to look at the property. Be ready to leave when they want to see it.

-Prepare to go over an offer with your agent when one is submitted. You’ll review terms like price and closing date, along with things that convey with the property.

-Once you’ve accepted an offer, the buyers will need time to do a home inspection. When this is arranged, you’ll want to leave the property so they can get access to inspect it.

-Negotiate any repairs or credit for repairs the buyers may request. Some things are required and some are optional. You’ll go over these with your agent after the inspection.

-Prepare to close! You’ll start packing and cleaning. You’ll need to vacate the property by the day of your closing, when the buyers come back to do a final walk-through inspection to make sure nothing was damaged in your move. Make sure it’s clean!

-Closing day! Bring your picture IDs and a blank check. The attorney will need this info to wire proceeds (or write you a check, if you prefer). If you have manuals to appliances, it would be nice to leave them in the property, or bring them to give to the new owners. Just a friendly gesture!

Don’t forget to turn off all utilities and change your mailing address as of your closing date. You’ll need to keep them on for the buyers to perform their final walk-through.

The attorney takes care of getting notice and money to your lenders to pay off any existing loans on the property, as well as notice to the Homeowners Association, if one applies.

Presumably you’ll have somewhere else to go after you sign away the house…so good luck in your new adventure!

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