Careless Errors by Your Realtor(R) Could Be Costing You Money

Recently, I noticed a ridiculous amount of errors in recent information about properties for sale (in industry speak, we call them “listings”). Many listings aren’t properly entered into our system so agents searching for homes LIKE YOURS could be missing it, simply because the agent you hired didn’t double-check the information.

I recommend you ask for a copy of the information other agents see to verify the information. Here are some key points to look:

Sale or Rental

Ownership:  condo, coop, fee simple
**This one is SO important for you condo owners…if a buyer does NOT want to look at a coop unit, and your agent has it mistakenly listed as coop – NOBODY will see it.

Foreclosure, Auction, Short Sale: we now have the ability to separate listings by type (each of these options has a “yes/no” answer). There’s also an “undisclosed” for Short Sales – I recommend you check “yes” or “no,” but if you check “undisclosed” many people will miss it. If you’re afraid of family/friends seeing it, don’t authorize internet advertisement, but you should DEFINITELY make that clear for other Realtors(R).

Financing: If your building is FHA approved or is NOT, make sure you advertise that to potential buyers. This way, buyers who are strictly FHA won’t waste your time with a showing.

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