Arlington is a SELLERS Market

Arlington is a SELLERS Market

Right now might be the best time to sell of the year in Arlington. Every category in Arlington is a sellers market right now. Come April or May, when the market is usually the busiest, you’ll have that much more competition to get your house sold. Check out the current inventory levels:

Single Family, Detached Homes: Inventory currently at 2.7 months

Townhomes: Inventory currently at just 1.22 months <–!!!!

Condos: Inventory currently at 3.03 months

A balanced market is considered 6 months worth of inventory, which should show you just how strong of a sellers market Arlington is right now. The inventory hurting the most is obviously townhomes, but following that is affordable detached homes in Arlington. There are currently 148 homes on the market and only 75 are under $1M. 7 of them are over $2M. The bulk remain between $1M-$2M.

Listen to me know – if you have a home in Arlington that is worth less than $1M SELL IT NOW. Don’t wait for the “Spring.” Don’t wait for your flowers. There’s no snow. There’s no ice. There is nothing stopping you from selling your home right now, quickly, for top dollar. The market is hot already, it has started early this year.

Do not wait!!