Are Arlington Sellers Required to Fix Items Found During a Home Inspection?

home inspection pictureHow does a home inspection really work in Virginia? As part of our sales contract, the buyers and sellers agree to a certain length of time during which the buyer can hire a licensed home inspector to come into the property and look it over. Are Arlington sellers required to fix items found during a home inspection? Here’s the timeline of events:

1. Buyers has X days to complete a home inspection.
2. By 9pm on the Xth day, the buyer either needs to submit the full report and list of requested repairs to the seller or deliver their notice of voiding the contract.
3. Upon receipt of the requested repairs, the sellers have X days to respond and the parties attempt to agree to a list of repairs (which are required to be done by a licensed/bonded/insured contractor) OR
4. The buyers can void the contract.

So are sellers required? No.

There’s obviously more details to this, but that is the overview of the process. You should have an agent who represents you during the process to help guide you towards making smart and strategic requests, just like as a seller, you should have an agent who helps you decide which repairs really should get done to move the contract towards closing.