April 2009 McLean, VA Real Estate Market Update

April 2009 McLean, VA Real Estate Market Update

The McLean, VA Real Estate Market┬áhas not been immune to some of the foreclosures that have hit Fairfax County. McLean still has mutli-million dollar properties selling, but there are still some hidden gems of affordability in the area. Here’s the breakdown for April 2009:

Single Family Detached Homes

Average Selling Price: $954,149 after 139 Days on the Market
(we saw everything from a $500k house to a $2.5M in April)


Average Selling Price: $511,775 after 80 days on the market


1 bedroom, 1 bath: $209,255 after 129 days on the market

2 bedrooms, 2 baths: $310,600 after 117 days on the market

As I keep saying – real estate values are influenced greatly by many different factors. This is an attempt to capture the market at large…if you’re interested in specific statistics closer to your own property, or one you’re interested in purchasing, please let me know! I am happy to provide more detailed pricing valuations for you.