With the Spring Market Ahead, When Is A Good Time To Start Looking At Homes?

With the Spring Market Ahead, When Is A Good Time To Start Looking At Homes?

With the Spring market just around the corner, when is the best time to start looking at homes? Things usually begin to heat up around March. Many sellers wait until then because they think the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom, or the grass is green, or the azaleas will be in full bloom, or it’s closer to the end of the school year for those sellers with kids. However, inventory will start to pick up starting now as some want to beat out competition while inventory is still lower from the Holidays. Many buyers are starting to make their initial moves towards a home purchase by meeting with Realtors, lenders, and making their must have lists. So this begs the question – when should you actually start looking at houses as a buyer?

The answer is Now. There are 329 active properties for sale in Arlington as of this moment (118 Single Family Home, 22 Townhomes/Duplexes, 19 Coops, and 170 condos). That’s a great opportunity to sift threw the current inventory and familiarize yourself with neighborhoods, home styles, home size, pricing and amount of work to be done. It’s a good time to educate yourself on the market so when you do find something you really love, you’ll be ready to move forward on it without thinking “what if” or that it’s the first house you saw.

  • Go to open house
  • Drive around neighborhoods during the day and at nigh
  • Talk to neighbors
  • Research sex offenders and crime
  • Look up the schools
  • Check out local parks

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