When Does Staging Matter

When Does Staging Matter

Over the last 2 years I would staging has become more of the norm and less of an exception. Even staging with your own furniture and possibly supplementing with some decorative pieces can make a big difference. Not every property needs it, not every seller can afford it. A new phenomenon also includes virtual staging (not my favorite, but sometimes can be better than nothing). So when does staging matter?

Properties that benefit hugely from staging are usually ones with unique floorplans, vacant homes, a house that needs some sprucing up or appeal to new buyers, or sometimes homes with outdated furniture where staging can breath new life into a home. Staging allows buyers to see a house how it could be, where the furniture could go, and attempts to give them that warm, fuzzy feeling when they walk in.

For example, this is a listing I had put on the market with the owners furniture, and after some fresh paint, we staged it. Tell me the difference isn’t dramatic on this:

staging photo1



If you’re considering whether staging is right for you, ask yourself this question: which condo would you rather buy based on these 2 photos? Remembering that photos are the first impression a potential buyer has of your home.