What’s the Difference Between a Plat and a Survey?

What’s the Difference Between a Plat and a Survey?

Two commonly misused and misunderstood terms in real estate – so let’s discuss the difference between a plat and a survey.

They are both instruments used to show a potential placement of a property, but the detail between the 2 is difference:

Used to show a parcel of land adjacent to neighboring lots. Think of this is an outlined lot on a street or subdivision. Basically shows the 4 corners of a lot. *This is used by builders/developers.

Plat Example

Survey (House Location Survey):
Shows the actual lot and house on the lot with driveway, walkway, easements, fence, pool, patio, septic and/or well systems, garage, storage shed, etc. Any and all details of the parcel of land and house will be located on the survey. *This is something a buyer can choose to add to a purchase transaction. It is optional but helps with any issues with the neighbors, construction on the house, or a fence.

Survey Example