The Importance Of Checking References

I was driving in Clarendon the other day and stopped behind this van. At first I laughed – it’s very funny and I never saw the side of the van to figure out what they were offering…van picture


however, it got me thinking about how we hire people to work with. Whether it’s a painter, a CPA, a swim coach for your kids, or your real estate agent, I would highly recommend asking around to see who people you trust have used. Maybe they’ll have a horror story (write that name down as a No Go!), maybe they’ll have a glowing recommendation. You can Google search by area to find an agent or look up names you get from friends or coworkers. But ask. Ask to talk to references or clients they’ve worked with in the past. Check them out.

Click for my reviews online…I use Trulia to ask past clients to review me. I recently started doing this so there’s only a fraction of my sales histories on there, but you’ll see many were repeat clients, which is a testimonial in and of itself.