An Overpriced Listing – Make an Offer ANYWAY

An Overpriced Listing – Make an Offer ANYWAY

I’ve been noticing a trend among buyers lately. Perhaps this is obvious, as a buyer is always trying to pay less than they have to, but everyone’s first reaction is always “this seems overpriced.” Unless something is obviously underpriced, most of the time I don’t hear “this seems fairly priced.” And that’s ok, but the price can sometimes scare a potential buyer as well. So rather than waiting for a seller to drop their price, along with every other buyer also watching that property, if the listing is overpriced –

make an offer anyway.

I know it’s easy to think that a seller would never accept something as low as XYZ if listed at ABC, but you just never know. Maybe they won’t, but maybe after a few weeks they’ll come back to you before they make a price reduction on the general market.

In Arlington since the start of the year, one property sold for 69% of the original list price (the average is 95%). A townhouse sold for as low as 85% of the original list price (average is 97%).

You really just will never know until you TRY!