Mother Nature Tips

In the wake of our 5.8 earthquake on Tuesday and several aftershocks, it is worth mentioning some post-earthquake tips. While some West Coasters may make fun, our structures aren’t built to withstand such an earthquake – hence the damage to the National Monument, Cathedral, and Ecuador Emabassy. When it pertains to your house or your condo building, heed the advice from Arlington County:

  • If you smell gas, leave the building or area and call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • Commercial structures:  If you have concerns regarding the safety of your building, please contact your building’s engineer, a structural engineer or licensed contractor.
  • Residential structures:  please survey your home for new cracks in brick facades and chimneys, foundation/basement walls and interior finishes around openings for windows and doors.  If you question your home’s structural stability, please contact a structural engineer or licensed contractor.
  • If you think you have an unsafe condition, evacuate the building and call 703-558-2222.
Now for upcoming Hurricane Irene, we’ve got some tips as well. While we may not see roofs flying off homes like they are in the Bahamas, there are still some safety tips to consider for the downpour we’re supposed to see this weekend:
If you have a balcony with things on it, or outdoor furniture/toys, bring as much as you can into the house. This prevent damage from hail, wind, and hard rain, and it will also prevent anything from flying away.