McLean Virginia Real Estate Market Update – January 2010

January was a good month for the McLean real estate market, just like it was for Falls Church and Arlington. A total of 33 properties sold, and only 1 was a short sale. True for both 22101 and 22102, the average and median sales prices are UP, units sold was UP, and average days on the market was down! Things are selling faster and for more than this time last year. I’m seeing a trend for Fairfax and Arlington County!

Here are the average net sales prices and average days on the market per property type, per zip code:


Single Family Home: $1,066,229 in 89 days (range: $565,000 – $2,285,000)
Townhouse: $754,917 in 97 days (range: $537,500 – $1,125,000)


1 Bedroom Condos: $229,950 in 63 days
2 Bedroom Condos: $365,000 in 124 days
Single Family Home: $1,040,602 in 132 days (range: $865,000 – $1,346,109)