March 2009 Real Estate Market Snapshot – Arlington, VA

It’s that time again…a closer look at Arlington Virginia real estate stats for March 2009.

160 Properties sold in Arlington in March!

Condos in Arlington

1 bedroom, 1 bath
Avg: $290,953
Avg DOM: 89 days

2 bedroom, 1 bath
Avg: $271,240
Avg DOM: 64

2 bedroom, 2 bath
Avg: $422,590
Avg DOM: 87

*Please note: these statistics reflect ALL of Arlington for the month of March. It may not be an accurate reflection of your current property value. Please email me for more detailed statistics.

Townhomes in Arlington

Days on the Market range from 0 to 288 (avg was 67)
Avg Sales Price: $451,509

Single Family Homes

Days on the Market range from 1 -300 days (avg of 88)
Avg Sales Price: $607,196

Again, please note! Every neighborhood and building in Arlington is different. Square footage, age, upgrades, style, etc. all go into the art of pricing a home. This is a snapshot in time of what sold in March.