In Honor of Earth Day – Go Car-Free in Arlington

DC Metro by Abizeleth on Flickr

If you’ve been following along with the Car-Free diet challenge – where 2 skeptics go car-free for the next 30 days, you’ll know today is day 1 in honor of Earth Day!

Today marks 40 years since the creation of Earth Day in 1970. The day is meant to inspire awareness and appreciation of our environment.

Arlington has a big push to choose a car-free or “car-lite” lifestyle to help save/clean the environment. They’ve challenged 2 guys to this 30 day challenge, which you can follow here. You can also follow along with the Arlington Car-Free Diet Blog.

If you’ve been thinking about how to help make our neighborhood cleaner and more environmentally friendly, here’s some information about how to get around without a car:

Via Metro – If you’re near an Orange Line Stop or Blue Line, you can hop on the metro to your destination.

Click here for metro schedules

Via Bus – You can hop on a MetroBus at any location where you see a red, white, and blue sign.

Click here for bus locations and schedules

You can also find more information and details about public transportation here.

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