Ideas for Your Home from Pinterest

I’m a tech-friendly Realtor(R). But sometimes I avoid bandwagon things just because….for example, I didn’t get an iPod for the longest time because I boycotted the popularity of it. I was young and stupid, and eventually caved in. Now I can say the same thing about Pinterest. Over Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law talked me into giving it a shot and I’m glad she did! It’s an awesome resource for so many things (my favorite being the┬árecipes), but it’s also a great source for decorating and renovation ideas for your current or future home.

Pinterest is like an online scrapbook of article or clippings, but really, it’s a collection of links to things/ideas you want to remember for the future. Look under the Home Decor tab under Categories. It’s also a great place to find ideas to maximize space. My greatest find was this organizer that they sell at Lowes. Genius!

Join Pinterest!