How To Plan A Block Party in Arlington

How To Plan A Block Party in Arlington

I’m hoping Spring is just around the corner, which means nicer weather and reasons to be outdoors. If you or your neighborhood want to plan a block party, you can apply for a permit with Arlington County to close down part of a street. Here’s the overview of the process, as detailed on the Arlington Website:

Block party permits may be issued the same day providing:

  • The block party is more than 72 hours from date of application.
  • All neighbors are notified of the party.  This permit will become null in void if any neighbor objects to the activity in question.
  • Approved permits must be paid in full and picked up in our office.

Information Required:

  • Name and address
  • Daytime telephone number of the requestor
  • What streets will be closed from intersection to intersection.
  • Time and date (include rain date). If rain date is requested, also order barricades for new requested date
  • How many barricades are needed?  ($5.00 per device per day )
  • Are Parking Meters to be blocked? Provide meter numbers for each each meter to be blocked during street closure


  • Minimum cost: $34.00 application fee plus applicable barricade fees (approximately $30.00)
  • Block party perimeter is limited to one (1) block
  • No alcohol or loud music in the street is permitted
  • No setting up tables or grills in the street
  • All residents on the block where the street will be closed must agree, even if they do not plan to participate in the block party
  • No permit can be issued if it would conflict with any known event or business in the area
  • We encourage pick up of the permit 72 hours in advance of the block party so barricades can be ordered from Water, Sewer, and Streets.  Please remember the County is closed on weekends, so placement of barricades or duration of permit approval does not include weekends.

Fee schedules are shown as effective in 2007. Most likely these fees have been changed since then, so be sure to contact Arlington County to find out the updated costs.