How Things Have Changed….

May 9th, today, marks the 32nd anniversary since my parents immigrated to the USA from Belarus. My parents came to the country with about $200, little English, and a 4-year old baby boy (my brother). I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on how things have changed, and how they influenced my love and career of real estate. About 4 years after they came to the states, they bought their firstĀ investmentĀ property (they had already managed to buy a primary residence). Pretty much right when I was born, my Dad came home one day and announced he had bought a fixer upper…yes, with an infant at home (very considerate of him, I know). While he worked away fixing it up, he was able to sell it quickly once he was done. The exercise proved to be the first as their values and beliefs grew that through real estate, you can build wealth. They instilled that belief in me and my brother.

Today, as I watch my little 401K float down, I am once again reminded of this life lesson they taught me so long ago. In our market, where prices are sky high, sometimes investment properties are hard to find, but they’re out there. You can find some moneymakers with some patience, some luck, and the right number cruncher. I bought my first investment property at 24 in my hometown in Albany, New York, which I recently sold to buy one in Arlington.

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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!