How Do Showings Work?

sentrilockHow Do Showings Work? This post is geared towards sellers, as many people don’t know how showings work when they list their home. The final plan will be determined by you, your comfort level and your agent (hopefully me!)

Usually showings happen between 9am-7pm, but those times can be adjusted to fit your needs. Agent generally schedule these a day in advance, but sometimes it’s as late as a half hour beforehand (sometimes they just show up…while we always encourage agents to schedule and approve the showings, they can’t all be controlled! Good manners can’t always be taught.) The usual methods are:

1. Agents contact the seller directly to approve and schedule the showings (via phone or text).

2. Agents contact the listing agent who contacts the seller to approve showings.

3. Agents contact a showing service (a 3rd party 1-800 #) who the contacts the seller to approve showings.

4. The house is vacant and agents can go at any time without pre-authorization.

Most homes have electronic lockboxes agents have access to using our Sentrilock cards (a smart card).

That’s generally how showings are scheduled, but if you have concerns about any of these methods, talk to your agent!