How Closely Does House Hunting Look to The TV Shows?

How Closely Does House Hunting Look to The TV Shows?

I met with a new buyer a few days ago and was asked “how closely does what you do look to the tv shows?” (i.e. Million Dollar Listing, House Hunters, etc.) That’s an excellent questions.

First of all, I do not drive a Porsche (I have a sensible Mom car, but not a mini van! Cue car envy, especially any car without crushed up Goldfish).

Second, agents don’t ask me to leave the minute I walk into a property. (High five for dignity and professionalism)

Third, in real life, I will most likely show you more than 3 houses before you pick one. (Maybe not, but probably.)

Overall, most of those shows are staged (believe it or not!) I like to educate you on the process and your options and how each home offers different pros and cons. The higher priced shows have a lot of egos involved, which is good only sometimes. Sometimes you need a level headed, non emotional person in the mix to get everyone where they ideally want to go – the closing table.

On the first-time home buyer shows, most people need to see all of their options before they narrow down location, condition, style, price, etc. and feel confident when they pick a property to purchase. That is OK! It’s better to fully understand the market and what you can afford than feel pressured into making a decision.

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