Cell Phone Coverage – A New Consideration When Buying

When you’re getting into the buying process, many people make a “Needs” and a “Wants” list of things their new place will have. Most will have bedrooms, bathrooms, location, a yard or balcony, parking, garage, etc. etc. But nowadays, most people don’t have a landline (I still do! How¬†archaic, I know.) We rely heavily on our cell phones for communication to the outside world when we’re home.

Well I notice every time I got on I-66 from the Ballston exit I drop my call, right when I go under the light. Weird. You wouldn’t expect Arlington of all places to have poor cell reception! But it may be something to consider when you’re looking at properties. You’ll have several opportunities to be in the property – the first time you see it, perhaps a 2nd time, home inspection, etc. Perhaps you should add “check cell reception” to the list next to “open all windows.”

Searching online, I found a Cell Phone Coverage Map which overlays cell providers and their Dead Zones.