When Buyers and Sellers Disagree on Inspection Items

When Buyers and Sellers Disagree on Inspection Items

You know that really inappropriate but funny analogy to everyone having an opinion? It applies so appropriately to home inspections. A buyer, a seller, 2 realtors, a home inspector, and likely some kind of tradesman all giving opinions on what to fix and what not. What do you do when buyers and sellers disagree on inspection items?

After a home inspection is completed, a copy of the report and a list of repairs or credits in lieu of repairs is given to the seller. Usually there’s some conversation about the repairs, what the seller will or won’t fix. But what happens when you get to a point in the conversation where you just can’t seem to agree on a repair?

Recently, I had this happen to a seller. Home inspector identified a possible problem. Buyers had a plumber come look at it and give their opinion. Seller then had the plumber who installed it evaluate it and stick by the original installation.

Now what?

I called Arlington County to be the tie breaker. It’s hard for a buyer to call something a “code violation” based on a recommendation from a contractor looking for problems to bill them for. And most of the time? Buyer and sellers don’t know any better and we rely upon the advice of a licensed contractor (think plumber, electrician, whatever). It’s like going to the doctor and questioning them using Google. So I picked up the phone and found a very, very helpful Arlington County inspector who sent me the specific code referenced. That saved all parties a lot of aggravation, unnecessary money and time. Everyone was happy with the answer and the outcome.

When you have people who disagree, it’s sad to say, you have to remember that most people are looking for something to sell you. If you’re not trusting of the recommendation, whether from a contractor or a real estate agent, keep pushing.