AOL’s Smartest Suburbs and Towns – #4 McLean, Virginia

Newly released AOL’s Smartest Suburbs and Towns: AOL rates America’s most educated towns and suburbs and found that McLean is #4 in the country. Check out the statistics:

Total Population: 40,457
Advanced degrees: 45.9%
Bachelor’s degrees: 33.4%
Associate degrees: 3.0%

AOL says, Mclean isĀ “close to Washington, D.C., McLean draws the intellectual elite with high property values and several close parks. Home to many politicians and high-ranking government officials, it’s also the location of Robert Kennedy’s former home, Hickory Hill.”

Curious who was #1? Our neighbor – Bethesda, Maryland!

Total Population: 56,842
Advanced degrees: 51.5%
Bachelor’s degrees: 29.0%
Associate degrees: 3.8%

“Professors from Georgetown, lawmakers from the capital and researchers from the National Institutes of Health give Bethesda, Md., a preponderance of advanced degrees. In fact, the percentage of advanced degrees in Bethesda is more than five times as high as in the entire U.S.”