While Listed For Sale Information

showings lockox

  • Your house will have a lockbox on it with a key inside for licensed real estate agents to access, once an appointment is scheduled (details on how they’ll schedule will be worked out and is based on individual needs).
  • Please try to keep your home clean, neat, and show ready daily. You may not know that far in advance if a showing will happen so rather than stress yourself out about cleaning up, try to do your best to keep it clean daily.
  • If appropriate, there will be an open house the first week your home is listed for sale. The specific date and time will be worked out prior to listing the home.
  • Usually within 24-48 hours of a showing, I will contact the buyers agent for feedback. If there’s an immediate interest, usually the buyers agent will call me directly with specific questions. I keep a tally of how many agents show the home, plus visitors from an open house so you know how often your home is being shown.
  • This process continues until an offer is submitted on your home, which is negotiated until it’s ratified. Once a contract is ratified, you’ll follow the contract to close guidelines.