Arlington County Real Estate Taxes Due Next Week, June 15, 2012

Here’s your friendly reminder that your first half payment of your real estate taxes are due next week on June 15, 2012! Your second half taxes will be due October 5th.

If you have a mortgage and you escrow for your taxes, your lender will pay them on your behalf. If you pay your taxes, remember to mail them by the 15th or you can pay online:

Can’t remember what your taxes are for the year? Search the Arlington County Real Estate Assessments Database

Whatever your assessment was, divide by $100, then multiply but the current tax rate of $0.971. That should give you your annual real estate property taxes:

Example: Assessed value of $600,000
2012 Taxes = $600,000/$100 = $6000*0.971 = $5,826 in property taxes for the year (so each installment will be $2,913)

If your home is currently under contract, pay the taxes by the 15th to avoid the late fee. You will be reimbursed if your closing date is before that day on your HUD1 statement by the buyer.

Arlington VA Property Taxes Are Due TOMORROW, October 5th!

Here’s your friendly reminder that your 2nd half of personal and property taxes are due to the Arlington County Treasurer tomorrow!

If you have any trouble, contact the Treasurer’s Office. You can also look up your property assessment here. The 2010 Real Estate Property tax rate is $0.958/$100 of assessed value.

Ex. Assessed value of $600,000: (600,000/100) *( .958) = $5,748 in taxes for the year.

Personal Property taxes are also due tomorrow. Read more info on calculations and history from Arlington County. The new YELLOW decals must be displayed on your car by November 15, 2010. The current GREEN ones expire on 11/15/2010.

*If you escrow your taxes for your house in with your loan, your lender should have paid these on your behalf. If you get a tax bill and believe you received it by mistake, please contact the bank that services your mortgage!

Arlington County Real Estate Taxes Are Going Up in 2010

The Arlington County FY 2011 Budget has officially been adopted. Among the budget changes – an 8.3 cent INCREASE in the property tax rate.

This change brings the Arlington property tax rate to $0.945 per $100 assessed value, plus a $1.3 stormwater tax (an increase of $0.3) to a total Arlington County Real Estate Property Tax to $0.958 per $100 assessed value.

How to calculate your tax change (if you do not remember your tax value, look it up here):

If your 2009 Tax Assessed Value was $500,000, your 2009 taxes were:

$500,000/$100 = $5,000 * 0.875 = $4,375 in real estate property taxes

If your 2010 Tax Assessed Value remained at  $500,000, your 2010 taxes will be:

$500,000/$100 = $5,000 * 0.958 = $4,790 in real estate property taxes

A total increase of $415.

To read about other changes and more detailed explanation of the FY 2011 budget, visit the Arlington County Website Press Release.