Home Inspections – Expect the Unexpected

Home Inspections – Expect the Unexpected

Every home inspection is different. Some are nightmares, some are easy as pie, and then there are some….that are hilarious. You want to get a home inspection so you know what the current status of the home is before you buy it – do the appliances work? How about the HVAC system? Do the toilets flush? How old is the roof? These are all questions you should have answered by a licensed professional.

In Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., we have what is commonly referred to as “paragraph 7 items.” Why? Because Paragraph 7 of our regional contract says:

“Seller warrants that….the existing appliances, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical systems and equipment, and smoke and heat detectors (as required), will be in normal working order as of Possession Date.”

That’s your bible. Those are the “must-haves” when you’re making sure everything is in “normal working order.” Most other things are negotiable items (unless the property is sold in “as-is” condition.)


What about the other stuff? What about those unexpected glitches?

I had a home inspection yesterday on a condo in Washington, D.C….a total bachelor pad. Well, I wanted to throw out a piece of gum, and wanted to be considerate and not throw it in the trash without wrapping it up first. Well, that’s when we realized there was no toilet paper. Or toilet paper roll holder. At all. HUH??

Isn’t a “roll holder” a potential fixture? Nope. Inconvenient – yep (what does he do when he has guests?)?

Looks like I know what i’ll be getting them for their closing gift. 🙂