Testimonials for Laura Schwartz

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Below is a sample of some testimonials for Laura Rubinchuk Schwartz from past clients:

“Throughout the entire long process Laura stayed incredibly patient and helpful with me. She was always quick to answer any questions I had, and on the very rare occasions where she didn’t know the answer she found someone who did. She was courteous, professional, and friendly at all times and despite my low price range (and therefore lower commission for her) I never felt like a less important customer – she really was dedicated to finding me a home that I loved. Whether it was seeing 10 properties in a single day or braving rain and rush hour to show me just one, Laura always made time for me cheerfully and willingly. During my home search Laura even got married and went on her honeymoon, and yet through these huge, life-altering events she made sure that I remained a priority and had all the help that I needed.” -James D., Alexandria, VA

“Laura helped me to find my current house this Spring. She always had great suggestions, was very organized and efficient, seemed unflappable and enabled me to find the perfect house. Neither waist-deep snow nor freezing temperatures would stop her whenever I had time to look at houses.
If you are selling in Northern VA, I cannot think of anyone better with whom to list your house, nor have I ever worked with a realtor more willing to go the second mile to find exactly what I was looking for.” -Tom M, Arlington, VA

“It was sheer luck that we received her contact information.  We continue to think that we could not have spent our time or been so satisfied with anyone else.  We thank her for making sure to get the job done right, for her no-pressure policies and her genuinely awesome personality!!” Liz & Dave, Washington, D.C.

“My fiance and I met Laura by chance when we stopped in on an open house in the very beginning of our home search. The positivity, poise, and professionalism we saw in Laura that day was what made our entire experience working with her such an excellent one. Laura was very clear and professional  about her expectations of our working relationship from the very beginning. She spent time explaining each process and procedure to us, until the night we sat down together to write our first offer at 9 PM on a weeknight (when I’m sure she had other things she’d rather be doing!). Laura is always responsive by phone and email, always on time for appointments, and has continued to be available even since our home purchase was finalized. She offered just the right amount of knowledge and opinion no matter how many questions we asked, allowing us to form our own thoughts about each home we visited. We’d recommend Laura to anyone interested in having an experience like ours!” – Pam & Greg, Arlington, VA

“As a first time home buyer the entire process was very daunting to us, however Laura made it very easy. She made us feel very comfortable from the start and never made us feel like any of our questions were “dumb questions”. I would absolutely refer her to any of our friends and family in the area searching for a home.” – Nick, Washington, D.C.

“When my business partner and I moved into the DC area looking to invest we sent out a list of criteria to several real estate agents hoping to find one that could help us accomplish our goals, thank goodness we found Laura. She worked quickly to compile a list of over 100 properties, most of which we visited in a short two day period. Without Laura’s dedication and hard work I’m convinced that we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are now. We plan on continuing our professional relationship with her and look forward to working with her in the future. Thanks Laura!”Stephen E., Alexandria

“We are happy to say that in less than six weeks, we were in our new home and it is all thanks to Laura’s dedication to us.  She really listened, her commitment to us was reflected in her professionalism, timely communication and service to us and that made all of the difference. She was very knowledgeable and there were no questions or concerns that she was unwilling or unable to address.  She has so much energy and goes above and beyond what a Realtor should do.  She restored our confidence in the home buying process and I have since recommended her to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.” -Maxine and Mustafa, Washington, D.C

“We recently had a baby and needed to move to a bigger home. A friend recommended Laura, so we contacted her. We thought we wanted to rent for another year before buying, but we told Laura that if she was able to find us a “steal” we’d consider it.  When she got back to us with a list of for sale and for rent properties, we were surprised how many homes were on the market close to our price range.  In the end we decided to stick to our original plan and rent.  Laura never put any pressure on us to decide one way or the other- she let us decide what was best for us- even when it would have been better for her had we chosen to buy. We were planning to move in September but Laura’s work was so fast that she was able to help us get into a place in August which worked out even better for us. She showed us the properties on last minute notice and was overall very flexible, friendly and helpful. We would recommend her to anyone who asked!”Jess & James, Falls Church

“…As a first time buyer, I wasn’t sure exactly how the process worked after finding a place to put an offer on, so Laura helped me every step of the way, from the initial offer through the mortgage approval and closing. I always felt very comfortable with how things were working, and anytime something came up she would contact me right away and we’d resolve the issue asap. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!” – Mark, Arlington

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