Sell Your Arlington Home! PLEASE!

I’m talking to you, yes you…if you have THOUGHT about selling your home, or just want to know what it might get in the market..SELL YOUR ARLINGTON HOME NOW! PLEASE! There are ONLY 29 detached homes on the market right now priced under $1,100,000. That is NOTHING. There is nothing to buy right now. In the last 4 months in North Arlington, which is the dead season of the real estate market, there were 175 homes sold or pending in that price range. 96 of them sold in under 10 days. 64% of them sold in under a month.

Sell your house. Now! Don’t wait until the “Spring” when everyone else is waiting to sell…sell NOW when you’re the only house for someone to buy. There are so many anxious buyers out there looking for the right house.


9thST 6078 9th St N, Arlington, VA 22205 – Priced at $575,000, 3 bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, No Updates, No Yard. 8 offers. Still pending.




Stafford 1826 Stafford St N, Arlington, VA 22207 – Priced at $950,000, 1900 Farm House with 5 Bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, Radiator Heating. 10 offers. Still pending.





5710 22nd St N, Arlington, VA 22205 – Priced at $929,900, 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 1 Car Garage, Nice Yard, Somewhat Updated. 6 offers. Sold for $954,500.




Those are just a couple of examples of our market. If you have ever even thought about it, let’s talk. 703-283-6120 or email me